Who Do We Think We Are?

We are Radio Encendido. We write all the music, skits, and advertisements you hear on the show. Now and then we invite guests to play an instrument or a character; otherwise, we perform all music and voices. When we need ambient sounds, we load up the mics, go on location, and record them. This is not the quickest way to produce radio, but for us, it is the most satisfying.

Radio Encendido is at once a satire of radio and a celebration of the medium. It is also a love letter to the American Southwest, this incredible place where we live, play, and listen.

The show airs on the Arizona Community Radio Network. It is also available on iTunes and YouTube.

T. G. LaFredo

Drum set, cymbals, finger cymbals, symphonic gong, congas, Cuban bongos, Moroccan bongos, cajón, djembe, timbales, cowbells, granite blocks, cuica, maracas, shakers, shekere, aslatua kashaka, ghungroo, daf, bendir, doumbek, tar, riq, tambourine, spoons, vibra-slap, bar chimes, bicycle bell, thunder tube, chajchas, claves, castañuelas, flexatone, finger snaps, hand claps, stomps, belt, bullwhip, avian sounds, intestinal sounds, coyote call, dress shoes, cowboy boots, spurs, jaw harp, washboard, body percussion, yogurt gurgling, tomcat, bass guitar, terrible acoustic guitar, theremin, radio knobs, field recordings, voices

Paul Metaxas

Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, theremin, melodica, EtherPad, harmonica, ocarina, tambourine, bar chimes, triangle, army of frog güiros, body percussion, finger snaps, hand claps, rattle, rainstick, Greekin’ stick, kazoo, slide whistle, paper envelope, carrots, pasta sauce, soda consumption, kitchen chairs, recycling bin, garbage can, plates, coffee mugs, beer steins, car horn, vacuum cleaner, power drill, claw hammer, 3/8″ security chain, bichon poodle, avian sounds, bovine sounds, pterodactyl sounds, Tuvan throat singing, voices


Episode 1
Tassos Metaxas: Voices
Lyanna LaFredo: Voices
June Metaxas: Voices
Fifi Meringue: Airport Dominatrix

Sonny Lamson: Piano

Episode 2
Sonny Lamson: Piano
Michael Cremean: Couch Delivery Guy
Jaelyn Denise: Voices
Episode 3
Sophia Rashkin: Voices
Jaelyn Denise: Voices
Leanne Petitt: Voices
Lyanna LaFredo: Voices
Sonny Lamson: Piano
Carlos Mata-Alvarez: Saxophone