Episode 2

Here is episode 2, “Curious Moniker”—also known as the Zeppisode.

It’s pledge week at Radio Encendido. Liston and Sam need to raise $8,000, and they will do whatever it takes, even if that means reading sonnets from high-school English students.

Among other highlights:

  • We serve pizza boats on Friday.
  • We hear an important word of warning from the Proper-Hyphenation Council of America.
  • After seven months as a reporter, our man on the street, Tad Grundle, wins journalism’s highest accolade: a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Broadcasters’ Symposium. In the words of Frank Covington, “A BS award is a pretty big deal.”
  • We whip out the theremin early and often.
  • We debut “The Birthday Song,” by a Slew of Yack-Ups.
  • Patients from the Zyzzyx Psychological Recalibration and Lobotomy Research Center play us out.
  • We unveil a 38″ symphonic gong. That’s a dream more than twenty years in the making.

This show first aired Saturday, December 29, 2018.

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